How To Survive in County Jail

Survive Jail Book ImageIf you thought being arrested, handcuffed and taken away in a patrol car (possibly in front of your family, friends or neighbors), the next step of your arrest will be incarceration in a county or city jail. It’s here where you really begin to understand that your safety is paramount. Why do you think so many people bond out as fast as they can?

If you or a loved one are you going to jail for the first time, are scared and don’t know what to expect? How To Survive Jail was written a former prisoner who tells it to you with no holds barred action and just a bit of tact.

Going to jail and don’t know who to trust or talk to or what to bring? These are questions your lawyer doesn’t know how to answer or won’t. Take it from a guy who’s been there… Pete Maxwell answers all questions in his newly revised 144 page survive prison guide: “How To Survive In Prison and Jail” – from what to do and not to do on the first day…

…to answering this #1 question: * Sex and Rape in Prison – how you can avoid being a victim.

This is an instant download. No need to wait for the mail or a bookstore to open. Most importantly, the privacy you need in a crisis like this. So whether you are buying the How To Survive Jail book for yourself, a son, daughter, spouse or other family member please keep in mind… time is of the essence. Order Now